Saturday, 16 October 2010

10 Things We Know About Breaking Dawn

It pays. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will enjoy hefty pay increases, bringing in $25 million each for …More

The secret’s out. When “Breaking Dawn” takes its cast and crew to New Orleans and Vancouver, both towns (and the rest of the world) now know Rob and Kristen’s relationship is the real deal.

The script is AWESOME. Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle Cullen tweeted his enthusiasm about the twists and turns to come, saying: “I must say…AWESOME! Very excited.”

Bella’s birth scene will be “intense.” Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg says that when Bella gives birth to Renesmee, (who will be played by cutie newcomer Mackenzie Foy, at left) it will be as “visceral” as it is in the book.

The vampire army is ready to rock. The following up-and-comers will join Bella and Edward in battle against the Volturi: (clockwise from top left – Christian Camargo, Rami Malek, Mia Maestro and Lee Pace.)

There’s a new bad girl in Forks. Former “Lost” star Maggie Grace will play Denali coven member Irina, who harbors a grudge against Bella and Edward’s daughter Renesmee.

It won’t be in 3D. Sorry Twi-hards, but action-packed wolf-on-vamp action (as seen at left) won’t come at you in eye-popping 3D. Thankfully, neither will Bella’s bloody birth scene!

There will be sex. We’ll keep it clean, but “Breaking Dawn” actor Jackson Rathbone has said he’s excited to see Bella and Edward consummate their eternal love. He’s not the only one!

Ashley Greene will be buffer. Edward’s soothsaying vampire sister Alice will be toned as ever, thanks to Ashley’s frequent trips to the gym!

This guy’s in charge. Bill Condon, the man behind “Dreamgirls” and a producer of the Oscars telecast, will direct “Breaking Dawn.” He’s the guy Robsten will thank at the MTV Movie Awards!

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