Friday, 15 October 2010

Are Sick of HollywoodLife Blowing Things Out of Proportion? We Are!

It makes perfect sense that HollywoodLife would slam others for “whining,” while themselves coming across as irritating, hypersensitive grumps.

Since the site’s been complaining about Kristen Stewart for months, this post is particularly hilarious.

“We’re getting a little tired of [Stewart's] constant complaining about the role that gave her the big break she was waiting for!” whines, er, announces the site.

The post observes how Twilight fans can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to finish shooting, then adds, “But the one person looking forward to the movie’s completion the most” is Stewart herself.

And why is that?

Because, according to HollywoodLife, Kristen Stewart never stops moaning about having to play heroine Bella Swan.

“She’s continued to complain time after time about playing the same character over and over,” claims the site, diving into recent comments by Stewart’s Welcome to the Rileys director, Jake Scott.

“[Kristen's] been playing this same character in — what — two or three movies now, and that frustrates her,” Scott told an interviewer. “She wants to be taken seriously as an actress — and the crazy thing is, before Twilight, she was doing that kind of work… She’s very proud of her work in [Welcome to the Rileys].”

Wow… that sounds like… a director praising his actress for her work in a lesser-known role. The only thing that remotely approaches a “complaint” is that the Swan sequence “frustrates” her.

That’s it.

A third party (Scott), in the context of promoting a completely separate film, says Stewart is frustrated when she can’t play different roles.

Which she can and does.

“It’s hard to have sympathy for Kristen, who was a virtual unknown before stepping into Bella Swan’s shoes,” sneers HollywoodLife.

Wait, the star of a blockbuster franchise has gone from less notoriety to being a household name, and therefore should enjoy every aspect of playing the same character several times?

Wow. We guess Daniel Radcliffe never gets sick of being Harry Potter. He must want to do eight more movies as the character.

It’s possible for an actor to love a role, appreciate a role, and want to do other things, too. Being eager to branch out doesn’t translate into being a sourpuss, even though it’s the persona HollywoodLife has pushed for Stewart.

Forgive us for “complaining,” but this is just another example of HollywoodLife making someone out to be something she’s not.

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