Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bel Ami Gets USA Release Date

Original Title: “Bel Ami”
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country and Year: USA – 2011
Directors: Declan Donnellan/Nick Ormerod
Script: Rachel Bennette/Guy de Maupassant

Cast: Robert Pattinson
Uma Thurman
Christina Ricci
Kristin Scott Thomas
Colm Meaney
Philip Glenister
Holly Grainger
James Lance
Jake Harders
Paul Hodge

Photography: Stefano Falivene
Music: (blank)
Production: Laurie Borg/Uberto Pasolini
Length: — minutes
Spain Release Date: Soon
USA Release Date: May 12, 2011


“Bel Ami” tells the story of Georges Duroy, a soldier of the French army in Algeria who arrives in Paris broke and unwilling to work at all. Bel Ami (which is the nickname given to him by successive lovers) has not been blessed with the gift of intelligence or culture, but is physically attractive, so naturally captures the attention of all women that cross his path.

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