Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Caught! What Kind Of Games Are Rob & Kristen Playing?

As all you Twi-hards are aware, the vamps have just begun work on a much sexier Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge, La., and while most of the cast has been cavorting around town, Robert Pattinson (aside from a bike buying trip) and Kristen Stewart have been trying to fly totally under the radar.

Kris and Rob were apparently spotted popping into Play N Trade Video Games in Prairieville, La., over the weekend. So just what are they up to?

According to eyewitnesses at Play N Trade, Rob and Kristen "ran in and ran out" of the gaming store, swooping up the game Fallout: New Vegas.

This is oh so fitting in many ways.

Considering Robsten are hiding out in their hotel (together, natch), can't you totally imagine them ordering up room service, totally chilling out and playing games together? We have a feeling Stewart would kick Rob's too-cute butt.

That is way more their style than heading to California Pizza Kitchen and having a full-on makeout sesh for all to see (here's lookin' at you Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene). But whatever floats your horny boat! Ash and Joe hung tight all around town before the middle Jonas went back on tour. We saw that one comin'.

Source: E Online

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