Sunday, 3 October 2010

Emma Watson Denies Bashing Kristen Stewart

Emma Watson’s laughing off current rumors about battling Kristen Stewart over Robert Pattinson. She is used to hearing a lot of junk in the tabloids, but one pointed Tweet made it clear that it’s all poppycock. She’s so classy! J’adore.

Seriously, Emma’s a class act. I hate to bash my people, but there aren’t too many Americans (or anyone else, for that matter) who can so elegantly deny rumors on Twitter, of all places.

Emma Watson responded to the rumors that she’s trying to steal Robert Pattinson with a funny little joke:

“Hi all, just wanted to say don’t believe everything you read. Not mentioning any names… but why spoil a good story with a few facts, hey?!”

Emma Watson also commented on the matter by saying that it was “a complete case of mischief making.” Go Ems! In another life, I would have known you in college and we could have hung out. I think you’d be a fabulous undercover gossip.

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