Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Improving With Each And Every Movie

Having acted in multiple movies produced and released after her performance as a runaway turned stripper, Kristen Stewart is in the unique position of watching her early work in "Welcome to the Rileys" released on the big screen this Friday (October 29).

Asked by MTV about her thoughts on her progression as an actress from the movie's 2008 filming to the current time, the humble "Twilight" beauty replied, "I don't know, man. I really don't know."

After further prying, Miss Stewart finally was willing to offer up a few thoughts - telling that she still has her minor issues while also seeing improvement in each and every film.

"I could sit here and bring up little things that I wish I didn't [do], little things that kill me, stuff that maybe other people don't see but stuff that is very apparent to me," she told MTV.

As for the filming of "Welcome to the Rileys," K-Stew said, "It was so everything that it should be. If I did bring my little things to it, we did share a few personality aspects. I think that's maybe why I was hired. It was a stretch, because obviously I live nothing like she lives, but it's always really hard to say why you've progressed as an actor. I feel like I've gotten better with every movie."

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