Sunday, 10 October 2010

Is Kristen Stewart Entering The Oscar Race?’s Awards Season Roundup collects insights from around the Internet on films that are running in the Oscar race.

Jake Scott’s “Welcome to the Rileys,” with Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo, is having its big press day in New York in two weeks. Ahead of that, Awards Daily compiles clips, photos and a one sheet. The Sundance Film Festival favorite opens in limited release on Oct. 29. Do we have a dark horse contender on our hands here?

On the heels of the news that the MPAA slapped “Blue Valentine” with an NC17 rating, The Weinstein Company releases the film’s official trailer.Is “Secretariat” this year’s “The Blind Side?” Is Diane Lane this year’s Sandra Bullock? Thompson and Tapley debate.

Speaking of, Vanity Fair asks 24 burning questions about “Secretariat” as the film opens.

And Steve Pond grills Nev Schulman, the star of the controversial “Catfish,” which has been described in certain circles as the “other” Facebook film (and, in my opinion, the more socially relevant Facebook film, to boot).

Source: Hollywood New

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