Sunday, 31 October 2010

Little Ashes Review

I have to say, didn't like the film, HATED Rob's role in it.
His portrayal of Salvador Dali, the troubled artist, was perfect acting, the only part I did not like was the gay part of Dali. Far from his more well known roles as Cedric Diggory, Edward Cullen and Tyler Hawkins.

Dali and his close friend decide to have an affair, the problem being that his close friend was a man. A poet. Dali became strangely reluctant when it came to having sex with his friend, as he knew he was not a homosexual. Eventually he backed out. His friend, (named so because I forgot his name) became upset.

He then told Dali he was not a full homosexual, and Dali would not believe him. Until his friend decided to prove it, by having sex with a woman, and forcing Dali to watch.

Had this not been a Rob film, by the overview above, I would not set foot near to this film. Of course, had I known what was in store, I would have left the film be too. Yes, Rob in this film does kiss another man. I wouldn't recommend it for a serious rob fan without a conveniently strong stomach, as watching the man of your dreams in a funny moustache snogging a man is not always what a Rob fan has in mind when wanting to watch his film.

I would rate the film (in a rather biased opinion) 2/5.

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