Sunday, 10 October 2010

No “Shock” When Lame Site Takes Another Cheap Shot at Kristen Stewart

Outlets that are laughed at as often as Heat magazine really should be careful with sarcasm.

The tabloid’s website takes a shot at Kristen Stewart today with a post that treats her smiles on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” as “breaking news.”

“The notoriously grumpy Twilight star is famous for looking a bit miserable,” sneers Heat, “so we’re quite surprised to see her looking so cheery.”

“In fact her grin is so big we think she might actually be laughing,” continues the site. “Yes, laughing. *Slaps both hands on face with shock*”


Wow, what a slam!

But, uh, guess what would shock Gossip Cop?

If Heat magazine didn’t have to fabricate photographs of celebs like Robert Pattinson!

Ooh, or if the mag didn’t twist and manipulate Kelly Osbourne’s words about weight gain!

We’d also have been “surprised” if Heat managed to write about Lady Gaga without creating an imaginary “baby food” diet for her or claiming she’s “desperate” to strip for Playboy.

But, no, this is Heat, which did do all of those things, as well as calling Stewart “miserable” and insisting she’s living a “nightmare,” without a shred of actual support.

So forgive us for being less than shocked with the outlet’s latest “joke” of an item

Source: GossipCop

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