Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Rileys Director Nixes K.Stew Stripping Scene

“I didn’t shoot a stripping scene. I refused to do it.”

—Welcome to the Rileys director Jake Scott at a recent screening of his indie flick, when we asked him what he thought about the tabloids focusing on Kristen Stewart’s striptease (or lack there of).

The guy was good-natured enough to laugh off the goss, but is adamant that the whole movie would have been different if he’d had K.Stew hit the pole.

That’s not to say Kristen didn’t take her role as a stripper very seriously:

“[Kristen] didn’t want to hide,” he ‘fessed, after explaining the complexity of creating her character, Alison, saying that she had to be sexy and adult, but also young and sleazy.“She’s a very young, very sensitive woman, and the strippers she met while preparing for the role were—she describes them as—’open wounds,’” Jake continued. “And she wanted to represent them in the film.”

As for getting “sleazy” for the film, the whole crew seems mucho-impressed with how far the Hollywood hottie was willing to go to ditch her naturally fab looks.

“She didn’t want to shy away from that,” costume designer Kim Bowen boasted about K.’s less-than-gorge looks in the film.

“Most actresses want to be perfect and pretty. But Kristen is real and looks real. A lot of actresses won’t do that. She’s a very truthful actress like that.”

Like we’ve been saying all along! More on K.’s stylish side later, though.

Oh and just FYI, for the pervs still interested, Kristen’s stripper ensemble is no naughtier than a Lady Gaga outfit—some tape over her ta-tas and mile high heels. And aside from some dirty talk and a few semi-glimpses of her derriere, her part isn’t as scandalous as the tabs want you to believe.

So forget the whole friggin’ stripper biz and see the movie because it’s good—really good, actually.

Source: E Online UK

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