Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rob & Kristen Start Rehearsals For BD

Marc Malkin from Eonline confirmed that Rob is indeed slipping back into his Edward mode for Breaking Dawn!

Now...follow me here...The director for Welcome To The Riley's, Kristen's new movie, confirmed that Kristen was on a flight with him to New Orleans a couple of days ago. He's there to promote Welcome To The Riley's at a film festival. So if Kristen was in New Orleans and she's been rehearsing with Rob and Taylor in the last day and a half according to Malkin, deductive reasoning suggests that these rehearsals are taking place in the state of Louisiana and Rob is there which makes sense since that's the current location of BD filming. *whew*

Is your head spinning? Let's just have sweet dreams thinking of Rob rehearsing some of those fantabulous Breaking Dawn scenes! Weddingward...Daddyward...Emoward...IsleEsmeward! What 'ward are you dreaming of seeing for Breaking Dawn?

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