Monday, 27 December 2010

CLAIM: Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund Have Date Night at Soho House

“Kristen Stewart didn’t spend Christmas Eve weeping into her eggnog over being away from boyfriend Robert Pattinson,” begins a piece on the not-so-reliable blog HollywoodLife.

The site boasts in an “exclusive” that “a source tells that the 20-year-old Twilight star was spotted at Soho House in LA Dec. 24., with Tron hottie Garrett Hedlund, 26, her costar in their upcoming flick On The Road.”

But there’s more…

HollywoodLife goes on to note Stewart and Hedlund were “sitting together alone” and “they stayed until 2:30 am!”

However, there’s one MAJOR PROBLEM with this story.

Stewart and Hedlund were NOT – repeat, NOT – “sitting together alone” at the Soho House.

Hedlund NOT even there.

A rep for Hedlund tells Gossip Cop exclusively that “it wasn’t him” at Soho House.


Source: GossipCop

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  1. Maybe she was with her brother, Cameron???