Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bath & Body Works Sues Summit Over 'Twilight' Toiletries

hollywoodreporter: Bath & Body Works is suing Twilight distributor Summit Entertainment, hoping to get a declaratory judgment that its “Twilight Woods” line of lotions, shower gels and other products doesn’t infringe the trademark on the hit vampire film franchise.

This might be the best toiletry-related lawsuit since Johnny Carson’s estate sued to stop “Here’s Johnny Portable Toilets.” Bath & Body Works says it’s under threat from Summit because its lotions and other bathroom products allegedly rip off the design and color palate of Twilight promo materials.
Confusion in the marketplace?

Summit allegedly thinks so. Now Bath &Body Works has beat Summit to the courthouse to stake its claim.

“The term ‘Twilight’ is used so as to evoke the idea of a particular time of day when the sun is just below the horizon, illuminating the landscape,” the lawsuit says. “Whereas defendant uses the term ‘Twilight’ to refer to Defendant’s teen vampire saga.”

Sounds downright relaxing, unlike the other big trademark case in the news — the one where Lady Gaga is threatening to sue a British vendor of breast milk ice cream named “Baby Gaga.” We assume that Bath & Body Works execs never told anyone they had the potential to smell like Rob Pattinson. Obviously, that would reek of trouble.

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