Saturday, 12 March 2011

Cameron Bright Mentions Rob And Talks 'Breaking Dawn'

Hollywood Life got a chance to talk to Cameron Bright at the Genie Awards this week. He shared some pretty cool details of what we can expect for THE Breaking Dawn fight scene. Read (with a few spoilers) at Hollywood Life or watch below.

Cameron is not the only one talking of what's been going on behind the scenes on the Breaking Dawn set. Nikki Reed and Patrick Brennan have also shared some fun details while at Nashville's TwiTour.

Check out Twilight Lexicon's timeline for more scoop from TwiTour Nashville. Finally, Nikki also shared some cool info about working onBreaking Dawn with Hollywood Life.

“We all love each other,” exclaimed Nikki at the UK Style by French Connection at Sears event. In fact, now that the cast has grown with Breaking Dawn filming, there’s even more love to go around.

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