Thursday, 10 March 2011

Catherine Hardwicke Says 'Twilight' Fans Wouldn't Be Able To Handle Audition Footage

The Examiner: There are probably any number of Twilight fans who wish they could've been a fly on the wall during Robert Pattinson's infamous audition for the role of "Edward Cullen" in Twilight.

As the story goes - most often revisited by director Catherine Hardwicke herself in one interview or another - Pattinson, who was a struggling actor near the brink of giving up on that pursuit, flew himself to the United States to audition for the part knowing Kristen Stewart was helming the lead, and things went very well between the two. Per any number of Hardwicke's recounts, the scenes involved in said audition were romantic and the try-out was done in Hardwicke's own home.

Since then, and especially since the first film's release, it's become something of a running joke among Twilight fans that if the audition tape were to ever surface, it'd break the internet with its uber-viral-ness.

That said, MTV decided to bring up the issue with Hardwicke during her press time for Red Riding Hood (video interview attached), and Hardwicke coyly responded to state that she doesn't believe Twilight fans could handle it if that footage were released.

So . . . Think you could you handle it? Or is Hardwicke right here?

Also attached is another segment from MTV's interview in which Catherine Hardwicke issues updates about her other forthcoming work, including Hamlet, Max Ride, and Mazerunner.

She's a busy gal! Hey, they don't give Guiness Book of World Records placement and Women in Film Director's Awards to just anyone!

On a related note, when speaking of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to E! Online, Hardwicke also expressed her desire to work with the two again some day. Also, she definitely showed her support for one of Kristen Stewart's newer-announced projects, Snow White And The Huntsman, saying "She's perfect" (video attached).

Lastly, she spoke with Access Hollywood a bit about how the ultimate decision was made between Robert Pattinson and Shiloh Fernandez, et al for the part of "Edward," and Shiloh Fernandez himself talked about the Twilight connection - for better and for worse (both attached as well).

As a reminder, Red Riding Hood hits theaters this Friday. It's Catherine Hardwicke's first finished film since directing 2008's Twilight.

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