Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Catherine Hardwicke Talks About The TwiAudition With Access Hollywood

And more R/K 'chemistry' mentions from Catherine and Amanda Seyfried

Catherine: "I tried to cast Shiloh in ‘Thirteen,’ but it didn’t work out. And then he was one of my top four candidates to play Edward in ‘Twilight.’ I thought he was pretty great, but in that case I already had Kristen Stewart as my leading lady, and we based the casting of Edward on ‘chemistry’ readings. The actors did some scenes with Kristen, and it was pretty clear that she worked best with Rob Pattinson.”

Amanda: "When she sees two people connect, she becomes your biggest fan she wants to take that and make that into something beautiful," Seyfried says. "I think she saw that with Rob (Pattinson) and Kristen (Stewart) and she has been very vocal about that. When she first saw Shiloh (Fernandez) and me do our chemistry read, she saw something and I saw something."

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