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Chris Weitz Twilight-Tuesday On Twitter

It's ChrisWeitz's Twilight-Tuesday in Twatterlandia.  (NewMoon whatever!- lol)
LMCullen@chrisweitz BTW the fandom LOVES Edward's "Sex Walk" in NM, when he arrives at the beginning. Does Rob walk like that in real life? LOL
No, I had to teach him. Off camera I was saying "Yeah, work it girl, own it -- own it" and then we removed my voice

apr675@chrisweitz Favorite line from the movie?
Yeah, action, adrenaline... that's my thing" -- KS improv

THoffman06 @chrisweitz Best behind the scenes quote...GO
Your son has huge eyeballs" -- Rob of my son Sebastian

LivingWEdward@chrisweitz Did you have to treat Rob's eyebrows like they were their own character? Were they hard to work with?
The left one wants more pay than the right one.

lilopopsicle @chrisweitz is kristen nicer in person than she makes out to be?
I don't agree with the press consensus that she makes out to be mean, but she's great

micksim @chrisweitz One thing I always wondered... Why is Edward so damn emo at the beginning of NM? Before the Jasper thing??
He senses the end coming. Also, Rob's new contact lenses hurt.

@BadrieAli:your mission to make robert pattinson get a twitter account, what do you think will be your success rate out of 100%” -100

StewsOzBird @chrisweitz if you could change Alice's vision of VampBella in NM, how would it have looked? Different clothes? No slo-mo?
Shot 1: Aloce's eyes in Aro's eyes. Shot 2: Bella's (golden) eyes in Alice's eyes. back to Aro's eyes. Done.
breaking dawn

misskrista18@chrisweitz what happens to all of the stuff we know u filmed for NM(like Alice talkin bout the cake at the bday party) will we ever see it?
dunno... Depends if they want to make more money with like the "super platinum megafan edition III" or something. Actually I wrote a line for Alice that went, "well, we could eat it, but we'd have to vomit it out later", which seemed to encourage bulimia. Bad.

TropicNebula @chrisweitz can I ask u why did u leave out the flight home from Italy and edwards Speech towards the end ?
Well, this stuff always xcmes down to a sense of pace and whether the film moves well. Course some would be happy with a 10 hour version..

tinkrbe1l3 @chrisweitz i LOVED the extended scene of Edward walking to the Volturi. he looks so devastated. sad it was cut :( it wld have added seconds.
It was a lovely shot, 96 frames per second, v. Fluid. Oh well.

sarahtasmin @chrisweitz seriously how big are (Rob)his hands? How many #pretzels could they hold if cupped together?
He has often held my tiny porcelain skinned hands in his and they are like pebbles in a vast ocean

@RobsMrsRobinson: @chrisweitz who's idea was it to have Bella fly on Virgin Airlines? lmao” -- they offeredbut I loved the innuendo

RachelPolner @chrisweitz why did you have Jacob go nuts at the cinema?only thing really against the book.loved it anyway.favorite by far.wish u did twilt
Sometimes compression of time from book to film is necessary... Also wanted to show he was potentially dangerous (to Mike

oropoesis @chrisweitz who was the biggest drama queen on the set of new moon!!
Me. I'm all like "I want my espresso from Starbuck's but he foam needs to be from CBTL!"

TelorLautner Hmm, RT @AlenaZatirakhin: @chrisweitz Describe Taylor Lautner five words, PLEASE )))
Fab. Honest, decent, kind, unpretentious.

SkylarLSpencer @chrisweitz I'm sorry if you've already covered this, but if not, can you address Edward's wonky nipple in NM? What was up with that?
It is complicated but has to do with the Mayan astronomical calendar.

julyfarnesi @chrisweitz you talk a lot about Rob. So tell us who is the best musician in the cast?
Me, I play a mean spoon

DanielleK975@chrisweitz have u thought at all about how u r going 2 do the bella/birth scene?
No, because I don;t have to! But man is that gonna be weird. Maybe like the chestburster scene from Alien?

Melbobson@chrisweitz who would you play if you could ay any part, in any of the films and why?
I would love to lift Rob in the air by the neck like Daniel Cudmore did. No offense, Rob, but it must've been fun.

NatashaJK @chrisweitz what do you think of Jacob imprinting on Renesmee? Do you think Renesmee should also appear as a teenager in Breaking Dawn?
Natasha, I will be straight with you, it is odd. They asked me to come up with a bit of dialogue that would make it sound less weird..when Tyler's character imprints, and I said, "There is no way to make it less weird".

CrepMex@chrisweitz What is your son´s impression on New Moon?
He likes Taylor but is very frightened of wolves

charlie_5390@chrisweitz do u think it's unfair that Rob, Kristen and Taylor are on bedsheets and pencil cases and stuff like that and your not?! :)
Yes, which is why I have made my own bedsteads wi me on them

kathycarrillo@chrisweitz did you pull any pranks on set?
Yes, I pulled a prank on all the cast, it was called New Moon

FPOnTheDL @chrisweitz Why don't you follow Twilight? Is it because you know it's Summit's janitor tweeting from there? LOL
Don't knock that guy. Summit;s lavatories are SPARKLING. Like a vampire in daylight.

JeenDPattz @chrisweitz It's difficult working with Robert Pattinson?
Trying to make that mug look good is HARD.

soccer_jude@chrisweitz If you had to pick, would you go wolf or sparkly vamp?
I mean, I'm on the record as being team Jacob, but if I had to choose? I'd be a superhot sparkly dude with some crazy ass power.

sweetlee_x@chrisweitz Was Stephanie on set? she make you change anything?
Stephenie came to set quite a bit. She did not make me change a thing... except my clothes, once a day.

PullMyDaisy2 @chrisweitz Did you guys swallow any bugs while filming out there in the forests of Canada? I saw pictures of you guys swatting bugs.
No, they were Canadian bugs so they apologized profusely

Mama_Cougar@chrisweitz FYI my fav New Moon line is "Shuuuuuuut up!" It's BRILLIANT. I was fist pumping. Were you?
Was that me shouting at the crew? I'm nicer than that, usually.

ash_1892@chrisweitz Any goss on Rob you can dish ;D ;
Rob is secretly in love with me

Who_Cares42@chrisweitz why was filming locations switched from Oregon, to Vancouver?

Kristeffi @chrisweitz A movie was made out of Facebook. Do u think u can direct one for Twitter?
I'm working on it already. It's called "Tweetlight," and lit will have 140 characters. Snarf.

Small_4@chrisweitz And you're secretly in love with Rob, right? Answer me to sleep well!
How dare you sir! I am secretly in love with Gran from the dream sequence.

sparkery @chrisweitz Did Steph M. ever mention if she was planning on finishing Midnight Sun?? Eh?
Yes, I was like, "What's up Steph," and she was like, "Meh, secretly planning to finish Midnight Sun." ;)

ash_1892 @chrisweitz Its all about rob :) ANY comments on Taylor :)
Taylor is a very very good chap. I was wondering why he didn't karate chop Kanye at the music thingies though

quietbluesky @chrisweitz With NM u r making people pick between Edward and Jacob you do more harm then good when in the end it was only Edward 4 Bella?
Yes... this was something I agonized over before taking the job... would I be hurting imaginary characters?

theamandahuck@chrisweitz In New Moon's deleted scenes there is one with a guy who crashes a on a motorcycle.. what was that all about? I have an idea. JW
It was about Laurent coming to town, but you thought it was bears or something... geez I forget

nessags_@chrisweitz what do you think about @peterfacinelli ?
Fach is a natch. Seems calm on the surface, but I have seen him kill a man with mind.

Imcul we know he is did he write a song 4 u ??? “@chrisweitz: Rob is secretly in love with me”
I'm pretty sure that he wrote "All the Single Ladies" for Beyonce about me.

A_Bitten_Diva@chrisweitz Ok Chris. No bullshit. What is your favorite part of the Twilight Saga story? Why do you, if at all, love it?
Ok. I like Bella's grief. That's what it feels like to get dumped

@Kstew_Boomm @chrisweitz did you get yourself the Team Edward / Team Jacob pillows
Biting them right now

Safiyaxo@chrisweitz What did Rob get you for Valentines day??
A diamond dreamcatcher in the design of the Cullen crest.

CalliopeBlabsDear @chrisweitz ... When did bella and alice change when they got italy? The plane? The airport? The car? And where was their layover?
They had layovers in Seatte, Frankfurt, and Rome, stopped in at the 1st class lounge for a cappucino and a shower (Bella)

Lovethepretty@chrisweitz So what was going through your head when you were in Japan with those girls with the buzzy fingers?
I was thinking I hope these girls aren;t secretly trained assassins

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