Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Filming In Vancouver Yesterday - Edward's Flashback

Yesterday's shoot was at the historic Vancouver Orpheum Theatre, where a flashback scene from Edward's life was filmed.

The theatre has been used for numerous shows and movies filmed locally over the years and is visually appealing for the big screen because of it's architecture, elaborate decor and bold gold and red colours.

The Orpheum was featured in TV series Battlestar Galactica, movie Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and many other productions, it is also a popular theatre for symphonies, concerts and theatre productions.

Built in 1927 as a movie theatre in the grandiose Moorish style, the Orpheum narrowly escaped being chopped up into a multiplex cinema in the late Sixties-early Seventies, and a ‘Save the Orpheum’ campaign has seen it it restored to become a concert hall.
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There are two theories:
1 - Flashback to Edward's human life
2 - Flashback to Edward's rogue days as a dark vampire feeding on humans
The second theory seems more likey since it references Midnight Sun and the architecture is more late 1920s than earlier 1900's. Though we know Edward was in an alley way feeding so maybe that is outside the theatre?

Though perhaps it is a scene of Edward's life before the Spanish influenza hit? A family outing to the theatre maybe? If they cast an Elizabeth Masen, we may see a close up on some of her fancy jewellery that Edward inherited and later gives Bella (diamond heart charm, engagement ring?) Oh I am hopeful.

The possibilities are endless...
There are said to be using the lobby and hallways, which are beautifully decorated, as the photos show.

It was scheduled as a one day shoot with a day to set-up before and tear-down after. There was added security since it was in the heart of Granville Street, downtown. Fansites started talking about this location over the weekend and numerous fans planned to check it out in hopes of seeing the cast, in particular, Robert Pattinson.

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