Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Five Teens Share Kristen Encounter On 'New Moon' Set In Tofino!

The Calgary Herald shares the experience of five lucky Canadian teens (TwiNucks?) who happened upon the filming of New Moon in Tofino–

Timmermans and her friends hung around the set Thursday and spotted two of the film’s stars, Kristin Stewart, 18, and Taylor Lautner, 17, coming up a trail from the beach.

“They looked like they were filming the scene where Bella [Stewart] almost drowns because they were wet and wrapped in towels,” she said.

“[Stewart] came out of her trailer and said, ‘Hi guys, I’m Kristin,” recalls Timmermans, who teased the stars about being ill-prepared for the wild and wet West Coast weather. “I asked them where their gumboots were and they laughed … They had on nice Converse [and] Reeboks and designer jackets.”

Lautner, who Timmermans described as “100 per cent as cute in person,” offered to pose in pictures for the friends.

Timmermans’s friend Jillian Edwards, 16, said she was impressed by how friendly the teen stars were. “Kristin was so friendly and polite,” she said. Stewart told the group if it was up to her they could come watch the filming on the beach, but the area was secured by off-duty Mounties volunteering on the two-day shoot in exchange for a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock — an annual fundraising cycling trip from Victoria to the north Island.

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