Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fox Movie Channel Update On 'Water For Elephants'

As shared with you on an earlier post Fox Movie Channel is producing a new series and the first episode is about Water for Elephants. Here are some more updates via twitter about it and what we should expect.


From the Water For Elephants filmmakers: Robert Pattinson is a great young man, a real actor and an animal lover! Perfect casting for WFE.

Water For Elephants updates! Interviews with the filmmakers today. Director Francis Lawrence, producers Andrew Tennenbaum and Erwin Stoff.

Recreating an entire circus was a highlight for the filmmakers of WFE. We're told that zebras make weird noises.

From the Water For Elephants filmmakers: Reese Witherspoon got to work closely with elephants and had a real relationship with Rosie!

Next week we interview Richard LaGravenese, the renowned screenwriter with the big challenge of adapting Sara Gruen's novel into a movie.

WFE fans: thanks for all your filmmaker questions. Many will be answered in our show. Will tweet air date and time soon...
From an earlier tweet"Show will air next month. Details soon."

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