Thursday, 31 March 2011

Get New 'Twilight' Book - 'Seduced By Twilight'

Seduced by Twilight: The Allure and Contradictory Messages of the Popular Saga

Nextmovie via Mel452: We're all huge fans of "Twilight," but have you ever stopped to consider the underlying psychological reasons for that love? Have you ever wondered just how and why the series has attained such massive cultural significance? We know your answer: a resounding "hell no".

But that's why we're so stoked about the new book "Seduced by Twilight: The Allure and Contradictory messages of the Popular Saga" by author Natalie Wilson -- she's done all that thinking so we don't have to. And while we're usually happy to just moon over Edward's hair or Jacob's abs, we have to admit we're looking forward to finding out some of the hidden messages and complex themes behind Stephanie Meyers' popular series of books and films.

Best of all, "Seduced by Twilight" goes on sale today, providing Twi-Hards like us with the perfect fix to keep us going until part one of "Breaking Dawn" finally hits theaters this November. Because for this book, addiction is really the only psychology we need to know, after all.

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