Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Gossip Time: Rob Buys Kristen A Leather Jacket & They 'Look So Much In Love'

The Twlight Saga’s Kisten Stewart and Robert Pattinson were spotted this weekend and appeared very romantic and adorable. Robert and Kristen were at American Vintage in Sherman Oaks on Saturday and, apparently, the cuteness was out of control.

“It was very obvious they were so in love,” an employee said. “Robert was a total gentleman, and was very attentive to Kristen. He also paid for everything they bought.”
And what did Robert by his special lady? The American Vintage employee said he got Kristen a leather jacket. In fact, it’s the same one she was seen wearing at LAX Sunday. Nice weekend break for the duo and now it’s back to work on Breaking Dawn.

We’re also heard that Robert was spotted at a veterinary clinic in Ventura Friday afternoon and the Griffith Observatory late Friday night which would makes the Us Weekly story about them dancing the night away and kissing at the Pre-Oscar party hard to believe.

Source: celebdirtylaundry via allkristenstewart

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