Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Kristen Stewart Slammed Again By Mag Famous For Follies

In 2009, Famous magazine claimed Kristen Stewart was “snobby” and “miserable” and at odds with her cast mates, also reporting that she was going to quit the Twilight franchise.

In 2010, Famous insisted that Stewart was in a romance with Taylor Lautner and “drifting away” from Robert Pattinson.

As soon as 2011 began, of course, Famous reported that Stewart and Pattinson were engaged.

The tabloid prints so many rumors about Stewart, you’d think they’d get one right by sheer accident at some point.

That moment hasn’t arrived.

According to the latest issue, the “reluctant leading lady” of Breaking Dawn has buckled under the pressure and is “partying the stress away.”

“Kristen’s been drinking a lot recently,” alleges a Famous “source” who goes on to explain that the actress starts each day “exhausted and hung over.”

A Pattinson “friend” claims Stewart is “clearly struggling to cope” and that “her behavior is getting more and more out of control.”

Stewart is so worn down, claims the magazine, it’s even becoming hard for the film’s make-up artists to keep her looking fresh.

“She comes in most days looking pale, with huge circles under her eyes,” explains a so-called “insider.” “She’s not been eating properly either and her face is starting to look gaunt and hollow.”

Actually, it’s this entire story that’s “hollow” – not surprising, considering the source.

Month after month, year after year, Famous takes shots at Kristen Stewart. When she wasn’t partying, it was because she was aloof and alienated. That narrative fell flat. So now she’s supposedly partying too much, and we’re expected to believe it’s because she can’t handle Breaking Dawn – a movie Famous told us she wasn’t going to make in the first place.

A source assures Gossip Cop that Stewart isn’t an out-of-control party animal off the set.

It’s clear that Stewart can’t help but run afoul of Famous – because Famous can’t help but run afoul of the facts.

The tabloid does have one thing in common with Stewart’s Bella Swan – both inhabit fictional worlds.

source gossipcop

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