Sunday, 13 March 2011

Kristen's Style Is "Rebellion Chic" Says French Designer

Celebs.gather: Kristen Stewart looks effortlessly fabulous in clothes, even in jeans, and in vintage jackets, and a French designer wants to dress her. Guillaume Henry of Carven thinks Kristen has a “rebellion chic” of her own, and he would love to see her wearing his creations, he tells FabSugar in an interview.

He has already designed for Leighton Meester, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Demi Moore, but now he craves to turn his “attractive without showing too much” designs to fit Ms. Stewart.

Guillaume Henry designs dresses—sophisticated and chic dresses—for wearing to famous restaurants, cozy lunches, and shopping trips to all the best spots: New York, Milan, Paris. She could stand out among the fashion standouts.

But is this the Kristen Stewart everyone knows and loves? Doesn’t she hang out in jeans? Doesn’t she love vintage?

The designed featured in Henri’s new line might look somewhat out of place in Forks, but Kristen is done with that, anyway.

The designer tells FabSugar he finds her “super, super inspiring.” He would like to meet her. He believes in “vintage, but not that vintage.”

Even more interesting, Kristen Stewart is not model-thin, but just a tiny bit curvy. Designers generally prefer sticks. Still, she has the sexy, sultry look designers favor.

It’s easy to see her in some of the looks. Others don’t seem like her, at all, but then that’s how the fashion world works.

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