Thursday, 24 March 2011

Old Fan Encounters With Kristen

Two old fan encounters with Kristen in Vancouver:
Maggie from Minnesota at Twilight20Somethings–who said “We told her sorry and we would leave her alone and she was all “No! it’s fine!” Sweetest thing EVER.”, and Shada, from Dubai, who said “Kristen actually opened her cab door to let me take a pic with her–not many stars would do that, it just goes to show how sweet she is!”. To hear their full stories about how they met Kristen, check after the break!
"We go to the bathroom and as we are peeing Trina says to me; “How funny would it be if Kristen Stewart walked in the door right now?
To which I reply; ”f hilarious” we go to the sink to wash up and Trina ineffectively tries to wash her hands with mouthwash LMAO and we do a little touch up in the mirror. Not 10 seconds later and I put this on my life, the door opens and Kristen Stewart walks in. *jaw drop*
I just looked at her like, um should I just ignore her? That’s when Trina comes in. “Uh, Kristen? We got you a birthday present.”
Kristen ”Really? No way.”
Hands over brown paper bag “it’s a bottle of liquor.”
Maggie “it’s your birthday at midnight right?”
Kristen takes it says, “yeah” all amused, opens it “tequila, that’s appropriate, ya know coming of age” she grabs puts it back in and wraps it up and said with a very characteristic head shake/blink “That’s.. SO nice, like seriously.” ( I nearly died when she did that because I am officially gay for her now)"
Shada from Dubai, Who sent her story in personally to
"Hi i am a member of new moon and i love your site. but sadly for some really crazy reason my pic with Rob and Kristen by the taxi has been plastered all over the Internet. first i would like to explain that i am not a crazy stalker person. i just happened to be staying in the same hotel as i am vacationing in Vancouver after a sking trip to whistler. i was leaving the hotel at the same time and managed to get a shot with rob and Kristen in the cab. they were very sweet and kind. but that sec the paps and their crazy flashes blinded us so that’s why Kristen backed a bit and tried to shut her hair, she however knows the outcome of leaving your eyes open while those flashes start and i don’t because right after they started i could not see straight for five min, i do not blame them one bit for always having their eyes look sleepy. The main reason I’m writing this is i had only sent this pic to my group and didnt think it would get passed around but sadly it did happen and I’m finding it hard to get the pictures taken off the Internet. i was however hopefully that maybe you could just give in a good word since its on your site. as people are saying some mean things and i don’t think its fair, they keep saying mean things about Kristen and i am very upset about that because she was nothing but kind and sweet to me. Kristen actually opened her cab door to let me take a pic with her–not many stars would do that, it just goes to show how sweet she is!"

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