Monday, 21 March 2011

'On The Road' Due In 2012

julianstark-moviesandotherthings: Aside from the aforementioned opener, Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, there’s a ton of speculation on what will be screening at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood wonders if films like A Dangerous Method, Melancholia, Restless, and The Tree of Life might show up at the highly celebrated festival.

She also lists Walter Salles’s adaptation of On the Road as a potential presence at the fest, but Daniel Oliveira of Pilula Pop makes this comment at the bottom of the post:

“Hi, I recently interviewed actress Alice Braga for my blog in Brazil and she confirmed that ON THE ROAD won’t be out until next year. Walter Salles is working his schedule with a 2012 release for the film. So… definitely won’t be in Cannes this May.”

And here’s the interview on Pilula Pop, though the interview seems to have been conducted by Renné França. It’s in Portugese, so you might need to translate it, but check under the section labeled “On the Road.”

So much for On the Road being an Oscar hit this year as I’d earlier predicted, but that little hiccup won’t be amended now. Why? Because I’m aiming for my next predictions update to be on June 1.

By then I should also have predictions for the technical races, and I might throw in some thoughts on the music and animated categories

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