Thursday, 24 March 2011

'On The Road' With Jose Rivera - Interview September 2010

Jose Rivera (screenwriter): Among his projects is the movie adaptation of On the Road, an novel by Jack Kerouac.

Jose Rivera Interview (Sept 2010)

Jose Rivera mentions Twilight as one of his favourite book to movie adaption

"We tried to be very faithful to 'On the Road' because the book have so many fans and the book changed so many lives, and I wanted to make sure that people got the On the Road that they love."

"I worked very hard to sort of create three dimensional women characters in 'On the Road'."

"There's some really great women, Kristen Stewart plays Marylou
, she's really the female lead of the film and she's the only woman who goes on the journey with the guysAnd it's sassy, crazy in her own way and one of the great things we had before shots was Marylou's actual daughter, Anne Marie, was part of the production, she came in and she and Kristen spent a lot time together talking about her mom and stuff like that. "

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