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'Red Riding Hood' Shows The Desperation To Find A Rival To 'Twilight'

The studios seem desperate in trying to find the new "Twilight" (Twilight), and this is the first implication that we should take a couple of recent premieres.

On the one hand tried to create with "I am Number Four" (I am the Number Four) the same energy catalyzed by adolescent first loves, against a backdrop of a very supernatural action and aliens living among us and fighting among themselves. The result was disastrous and it's unlikely the movie will have a sequel, although there are plenty of books (which inspired) for that.

Since "Red Riding Hood" had the gift of gathering further evidence that they could triumph. On a side bet on the same chemistry "Twilight", where a love triangle back to get the attention of Catherine Hardwicke. In addition, the film follows, or even starts, the new trend in Hollywood, which is to adapt classic tales in different versions than usual.New productions of Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and Peter Pan are a good example that the studios follow standards.

With these two elements as in fashion, and a filmmaker who has already triumphed in one of them, after all it was she who initiated the path of Twilight in the halls, we would expect that this "Red Riding Hood" (The Girl in the Red Hood) had success. But no. The film has been a failure to criticize, but worse than that, and when it comes to the studio, this work has not proved able to exorcise the ghost of the film that will succeed the goose that lays the golden eggs that are the trio Bella Edward Cullen Vs Swan Jacob Vs.

There are a number of problems in this contemporary adaptation, and not even worth it to hit the key the film was set in a medieval era, though the ways and words of the actors are too modern. The big problem of "Red Riding Hood" is not one, but the fact that the concept is a reimagining so little bold and just follow the path of the obvious and cliché, but is particularly frustrating when the 30-minute film, and if they have to attention, since they know who the werewolf that plaguing the village. It seems that more than a movie, this is a formula, where the ingredients fail across the board.

Failed in tension and mystery, where the provision of the actors does not help, it remains to consider the film as a cheesy affair with more questions between a woman and two men, where there are many family pressures, because after all she was already betrothed to a them. Here too there is nothing new, noting some flaws in the casting, especially on the male side, and behavioral cliché of applicants.

By the middle of the story still appears Gary Oldman, the only breath of fresh air in the movie and did not need to use half of their dramatic skills to overcome the mediocrity of general interpretations. Save this debacle is also (partly) Amanda Seyfried, who despite being away from other jobs, meets the minimum is not shocking to his performance.

A footnote to what I liked. The photograph. But here the film has the value of it, although the later mount did not prove as competent as it should be. But if there's blame it all and they are the scriptwriter and director, Hardwicke continued to disappoint the expectations that had launched with "Thirteen" and continued with "Lords of Dogtown."

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