Monday, 7 March 2011

Rob Wonders What Twi-Hards Want?

Known for world-class photography and expertly written articles, Vanity Fair has delivered again. April’s cover story, “Escape from the Twilight Zone” showcases international mega-star Robert Pattinson. The lengthy feature focuses on the drawbacks of fame, and finds the Brit wondering what, exactly, his zealous fans want.

Reads the article, “They follow him to movie sets around the world like Deadheads, sometimes leaving jobs and families to hike the Twilight trail. When he dyed his hair a shade of red in January of this year, they dyed theirs in solidarity. “A 17-year-old girl in Australia hacked into my e-mail while I was on it,” says Pattinson. “Then a 15-year-old girl in England did the same thing.” He told his lawyers to sue.”One would hope that, after nearly three years of international fame, Twilight “fandemonium” might have died down—but it seems that the frenzy has not. It didn’t matter to Twihards last summer that Pattinson wasn’t even shooting a Twilight film—they still showed up on the set of “Water for Elephants”.

“I think it’s really annoying for him,” said director Francis Lawrence. “…riding down the road to the set it was like Woodstock. Cars for two miles. People camped in the grass. We were having dinner at the hotel in aprivate room, and they were clamoring up to the windows, so the waiters shut the blinds. So they just start screaming and banging on the windows, clawing at the windows. And then you hear this desperate voice: ‘Rob! I just want to touch your hair!’

“It is weird,” said Pattinson to Vanity Fair’s Nancy Jo Sales, trying to make sense of it all. “You have to wonder, What do they want?,”

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