Saturday, 26 March 2011

Robert And Kristen Pay Fines For Cussing

by Cindy Kroiss at celebs.gather: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are cleaning up their act on the Breaking Dawn set. No swearing, or pay a fine. It seems the penalty money goes right to ten-year-old co-star Mackenzie Foy, reports E!Online, and the fines have been flying. Kristen Stewart, no surprise, is the biggest loser. The vampire-daughter wins either way. Her role as Renesmee must be teaching her a whole, expanded vocabulary. “She’s earned a lot of money out of us swearing around her,” Rob says. No word on how much per cuss incident.

This is a common parenting strategy among families who tend to have dirty mouths, and it often backfires. The kid, after all, has to be on top of the forbidden word list, in case he or she misses an opportunity to cash in. And Mackenzie? She “just waits there with her hand out.” Apparently, Robert Pattinson set the whole thing up.

Rumors have surfaced before about Kristen Stewart and her …problems… keeping her language printable, especially when she muffs her own lines. She swears “like a sailor” reports have said. Loads of F-bombs, E!Online reported back in the winter, when the cast was in Louisiana. The production crew had to take special care none of the cussing got into a take.

“I do it by accident,” Robert Pattinson says of himself, “and especially Kristen does it by accident because she apologizes with a swear. She’s like ‘Oh s**t, aaugh!’ and she just can’t stop swearing for about fifteen minutes.”

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