Sunday, 20 March 2011

Robert Pattinson 'I Like Being In Movies With Lots Of Hot Girls'

credits: Jordan Strauss, Jason Merritt
Usmagazine: Rob Pattinson doesn't require much of his costars.

During a live interview with MTV News Friday, the 24-year-old Brit -- who plays Reese Witherspoon's love interest in this April's Water for Elephants -- joked that he chooses his costars based mostly on appearance.

"I like hot girls," he laughed. "I like being in movies with lots of hot girls."

Not that Pattinson -- who's also shared screen-time with real-life love Kristen Stewart, as well as actresses Emile de Ravin and Uma Thurman -- will settle for a leading lady who lacks intelligence.

"They're all very strong, actually," he raved of his former on-screen flames. "I always end up being in movies with very experienced and passionate people. They're never just flimsy floozies."

Despite the actress' combinations of beauty and brains, Pattinson still feels a tad uncomfortable while shooting love scenes.

"The love scene in this, I was doing it when I had a really bad cold," Pattinson explained of his steamy encounter with Witherspoon, 34, in Water for Elephants. "My nose was running all over the place...and Reese had this wig on, and literally, I was wiping my nose on her wig."

As for his much-anticipated sex scene with Stewart, 20, in this November's Breaking Dawn?

"It's pretty funny," he said.]

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