Thursday, 31 March 2011

Robsten No Where Near The Dumps

E! online: With the consistent uproar from the Robsessed and Krisbians about whether or not the couple are still going strong—in addition to our misguided worry that Sarah Gadon would be a threat to Kristen Stewart (yeah right)—we jumped at the mention of a Breaking Dawn cast dinner at Rockwell's in Vancouver.

Robert Pattinson and his gal were in attendance, along with Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone, but what really stole the show was the excessive pre- and post-dinner interaction between Edward and Bella.

Remember just weeks ago we filled you in on how costar Nikki Reed had slipped that they got a puppy. Well...

Robsten were spotted playing with the adopted pooch just before dinner!

Not only are we proud that the couple adopted a doggy friend, but the fact that they are showing off their own puppy love affectionately in public is just mind-blowing.

Of course, there is no photo documentation to seal the PDA deal, but we will settle for some juicy dish that fab Lainey uncovered recently about this dinner situation.
She reports that not only were Rob and Kristen playing house with the cute "indistinguishable breed" of a dog, but also with each other.

The costars were extremely flirty at dinner, sneaking in a few kisses, sans tongue, here and there and eyeing each other and smiling when they weren't doing some "familiar touching."

Finally, a much needed release of sexual tension!

The cast is on schedule to be filming the wedding reception scenes, and some additional goss on that front is that Rathbone was teasing Kristen at dinner about her wedding dance moves.
Looking anxious as usual about them, Kristen is taking the moves seriously, we're so sure.
Either way, as long as she's not waltzing out on Rob anytime soon, we are happy with the professionalism on the set and pleasantly shocked by the touchy happiness off set.
Could Robsten actually be turning a new, touch-feely, lovey-dovey leaf? We can dig it as long as they do!

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