Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rumor: Rob & Kristen Spotted Shopping Last Weekend?

From kstewartnews To fight those cold winter nights in Vancouver, Canada where she is currently filming the final installment of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Kristen did some shopping this weekend in Los Angeles. Kristen and Rob popped into American Vintage Sherman Oaks where she purchased this dark grey retro leather jacket. For all you Rob fashion fans, and we know you’re out there, he snatched up a vintage button-down flannel shirt and a 60′s cotton tee.

EOnLine Rob and Kristen were spotted at American Vintage in Sherman Oaks on Saturday and, apparently, the cuteness was out of control.

"It was very obvious they were so in love," an employee told us. "Rob was a total gentleman, and was very attentive to Kristen. He also paid for everything they bought."

One thing R.Pattz bought his lady? The American Vintage employee dishes he got Kristen a leather jacket. In fact, it's the same one she was seen wearing at LAX Sunday.

We're also hearing, though not 100 percent confirmed, that Robsten was spotted at a vet in Ventura Friday afternoon and the Griffith Observatory late Friday night—which would also make the Us Weekly story hard to believe. Glad they had such a cute weekend, but it's back to work on Breaking Dawn now.

You guys know the drill right? Take this with a grain of salt.
Ted was referring to this sighting. It's hard to say if he really has a 'source' from the shop or just stalking twitter. lol If you missed the alleged LA Vet Clinic sighting- CLICK here


There were lots of 'conflicting' reported sighting this weekend, including one that even produced Rob's 'supposed' flight manifest that says he flew back to Vancouver February 25th, Friday - but people are questioning the validity of the document because no year was indicated - and some data were said to be inconclusive.

My take, let's just let Rob and Kristen be. They are working and it doesn't matter if they were not seen together for just a few hours, days- that doesn't prove anything. They are solid and no amount of scrutiny will prove otherwise. If I were you I'll just enjoy Rob's New Vanity Fair spread or get excited over the new 'Water for Elephants' trailer coming out soon or go out and get your movie tie-in edition, which is out today March 1st.

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