Friday, 18 March 2011

Twittertime With Chris Weitz - Part 10

More from  chrisweitz from the past 48 hours or so. More Rob, Kristen and New Moon Q and As - all here.

YekitaB@chrisweitz What was the hardest scene to do for Robert and Kirsten. Please Well romantic scenes are hard. Movie sets are not romantic, hard to act intimate.

@chrisweitz Have you seen Kristen in the Cake Eaters"? Such a tremendous and outstanding performance Yes, she's lovely in that film. FiercebitchStew captured the question on this one

smurfy_tapz @chrisweitz Did Rob get around to calling you after your nice write-up about him when he made TIME's 100 Most Influential? Nah. The funny thing is, he usually gets in touch when he changes emails due to their being hacked.

VeronicaLove78@chrisweitz what previous roles w/ KristenStewart in your opinion she should have received nominations for? Give her time! She ws pretty great in Into the Wild though

Miriam522@chrisweitz are you going to see Rob Patz new movie "Water for Elephants"? Have you read the book? If you have, did you like it? PLEASE!!! Well now. I am bemused that anyone cares if I will see it or not, but yes, he's my homey, I'm going.

DeniseSMoreta@chrisweitz when you remember the twilight cast what is the first thing you think?? Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats

adorstewable@chrisweitz Can i ask now? Did you see Kristen's cat Jella on set? Yes, no

TayLautEvike23@chrisweitz In NM, Taylor performed many stunts but wasn't allowed to perform one (so he says). Can U tell us what he wasn't allowed to do? Criminy which one was it... I don;t really remember, just think of the most dangerous one there was, that was it.

SWARNIMAagarwal @chrisweitz Hi,Did Recession hit U.S. film industry also? Did it impact your work too because you were filming New Moon during that period? Twilight is recession proof, but the rest of the industry isn't. Hard times for actors and crew.

Gayle_Evan@chrisweitz did u hear that rpattz cant buy a house now and he needs to keep moving coz of the fear of being stalked by twihards? thoughts? Well, if that's true, it's f'ed up, isn;t it?

Arii_Bella Hey! @chrisweitz Why don't you watch New Moon BEST Parody in the world by The @HillywoodShow? I am frightened

vvicki447@imTulip @Chrisweitz @HillywoodShow @tdl06 pretty incredible and so funny...the girl had Bella's little movements and quirks down. lol Yes the actors caught those nuances well. Wow! Ok I'm impressed. Uncannily well observed. Great location/ production design work! And somebody finally got the sparkle effect right.

cullen195 @chrisweitz what was the craziest thing you've done and Rob on the set of new moon? 1) dsicuss a vampire's motivations, 2) pretend to be a vampire

babys86@chrisweitz Hello from italy!!!i love New Moon!it's you know what was listening Kristen during the scene in Montepulciano??? Not me that's for sure ;)

Chudygirl@chrisweitz You've mentioned J.Buckley a lot. Rumors have been swirling for yrs that Rob might star in his biopic. Would U want in on that? Wow he would be great

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