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Twittertime With Chris Weitz - Part 11

More tweets from chrisweitz. Some were from 'Rob day', March 18th.

SkylarLSpencer @chrisweitz Can you caption this Rob Pattinson pic?
"This f'in elephant gets NO f'in water."

Photobucket Photobucket

@chrisweitz chris one question that I have been wanting to ask you is why did you cut to black at the end of new moon?? and not see bella get in trouble by charlie
Well, I think that would have been a lot less dramatic. For me the whole movie was building up to a point of dramatic tension. 

RobMozDean@chrisweitz If you had a daughter and she left for 3 days, like Bella did in NM, what would've been your reaction??? You been chasin' that no good vampire around agin'!

tamzpcl@chrisweitz ~in the nm book edward stint w/volturi is much different.y does he get beat up n the movie?? I like to see Rob getting pushed around

tamzpcl@chrisweitz ~y would u wanna make edward look pansy? he's sposed to be indestructable. same thing was done eclipse wit victoria n riley! Meh, Tammy, disagree, he's not indestructible to the Volturi. And the film needed some kinetic action.

smurfy_tapz@chrisweitz Rob and Kristen always mentioned about you being the most compassionate person they met and they're right!So true

kstewartloove@chrisweitz SAY SOMETHING ABOUT KRISTEN "the queen!" STEWART lol!!! she's so beautiful, right ? i think she's the definition of perfection Certainly... Please don't hurt me ;)

Caty_ec@chrisweitz the scene of bells&jake at the truck where she sais wont let u get lost, reminding u how special u r everyday, was your idea? Kristen and I talked about what sort of thing she would say at that moment.

micarojas@chrisweitz what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see your work done and u go back to just being Chris?Sleeeeeeeep. Hey I better stay quiet or the twihards are gonna git me! ;) they gotta talk Rob

sccrbbkim@chrisweitz Rob was wonderful as always on the MTV interview! Do you think you will ever do another movie with him? I'd like to, he's good fun

sexbombstewy@chrisweitz when bella turned off the radio, the song title is "All I Believe In", various artist #justsayin. oh -- right you are. Then it's played by The Magic Numbers and Amadou and Miriam

evangelinesalo@chrisweitz loved your work on the Twilight Saga. How was it different than other movies you have worked on? It was the first time I was working in a series that had already been established; so some rules weren't to be broken!

arceecullen@chrisweitz Will you watch Leno??Rob's there.. :) and have you seen the new clip of WFE?? Not even Rob can make me watch Leno

TwiFrancoKitsch@chrisweitz what made you use the song 'Possibility' in New Moon? Great choice by the way. Liked Lykke Li's 1st album. We had her see the movie & she said she had an idea for the roundy round scene, as we call it.

VitaminR70 @chrisweitz Rob answered my karaoke question tonight on MTV. Did you ever sing Purple Rain with him? What's your favorite karaoke song? I do a pretty good Johnny Cash. Probably because it's easy.

@AddisonCullen: @chrisweitz what's ur favorite song on the NM soundtrack? (i LOVE it, btw)” thanks. The Bon Iver track, I think. The odd thing is I never listen to the NM soundtrack; it just feels like it would be a bit self-absorbed of me. 

CcPrincess20@chrisweitz would you go to Robs WFE premiere next month IF theres actually one here in LA?! That would be so cool if u attended I keep checking the mailbox...

TeamTaylorLautz@chrisweitz Are You Going To Go See Taylor Lautners New Upcoming Movie Abduction? Yes, I love Taylor and I love abducting.

“@WatsonLovee: Which is your favorite character from the Vulturi?” Dorkulus, the greatest vampire fanboy on earth

blisswithin@chrisweitz my BFF and I have a ? Can KS cry or not??? Tho the perfect Bella, no matter what movie she's in she never is seen actually crying Well. You can always cry using artificial means. I think more to the point is that crying is overused in film; it's hi-fructose corn syrup.

KStewsOzBird@chrisweitz -if you know, could u please tell me what @siamusic song Kristen was listening to on repeat while filming NM in Italy? It was a rough demo of Friday by Rebecca Black.

KStewsOzBird@chrisweitz sorry for being annoying, just really dying to know! I'm guessing #BreatheMe by @siamusic but I'd love to know for sure! Pls RT Honestly I think at the time she was very into Kings of Leon so maybe them.

taarawilleatyou@chrisweitz Since you're famous and all, do you get stalkers and such people? ^ ^ Well, I'm not really famous. Only when in the blast radius of KS, Rob, Taylor.

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