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Twittertime With Chris Weitz - Part 7

In case you missed ChrisWeitz on Twitter today (some tweets were from Friday night). The fun times continues... Oh I know you like my related pics for tonight's post. lol Bella has *wicked* plans.

@TwiFans:Do you have the faux fountain from New Moon in your backyard? #twilightperks” it broke when I swam in it at the wrap party
Photobucket Photobucket

@SedaRobsten: @chrisweitz What is Kristen ’s favorite curse word?” What ISN'T?

aurastew@chrisweitz do you think kristen win academy awards someday If she wants

twilegs @chrisweitz what is your fondest memory of working on Twilight New Moon? It can be on set, during interviews, or at premieresOnce Kristen turned to me and said, "I would like to work with you someday".

@VampGurl05: @chrisweitz do you think robert pattinson is hot?” I felt his forehead, he seem ok, no fever.

Lavixia@chrisweitz I have always wondered why Edward, while in Italy,has a bruise on his nipple.He had a fight with someone or something like that?
That was me. One day he wouldn;t come to set and I had to give him a purple nurple.

jet_set_go@chrisweitz i think you have beautiful eyebrows. would you say so? even more beautiful than rob's?
think only a brow-off could prove this. But thanks ^^. honorable mention --

BellJE@chrisweitz Do you like Taylor's abs ??
I like the left side. The right side is very snooty.

ActressSoonToBe With most actors you work with, do you get their phone numbers? And do you have to ask for them? Awkward :/ lol x @chrisweitz I do get their phone numbers. Then I sell them. Then they change their numbers.

ActressSoonToBe but do you have to ask for them? Or are you given them to ring them if they're late to set and stuff x @chrisweitz
That's the job of the 2nd AD (assistant director). No I don't have to ask. I never would -- too embarrassing

somtimes I * o.0 * @ the questions ppl ask @chrisweitz &think its probly teens askin..then I think about how *cough* obsessed *cough* I can get& knw its probably grown women askin them lol
I have no idea what that emoticon means, but... I'm going to make up a new one. (*;o> That is a bearded man who has just been in a fight.

HVansicle@chrisweitz how on earth do you pronounce your last name ? O.O
On earth it is pronoiunced like "Whites" or "Vites" if you are being Germanic. On Alpha Centauri, I a know as Xteklji.

mirela_paes@chrisweitz Would you change anything in Golden Compass? What do you think about the other movies are not made???????
I would chamge MANY MANY THINGS starting with quitting when the studio fired my editor. No 2nd movie will be made. US box office too small

VampireGirlee@chrisweitz if you could pick one character from new moon to play, who would you pick? :L Well, I would like to THINK I'm like Ed but really I'm like Mike

AmoreBella88@chrisweitz I'm gonna ask cause I haven't seen you answer it yet. What's up with Jasper's hair change in New Moon? Did you have a say in it?
Um yes. He had a new hairdo for "Last Airbender" so needed a wig.

Melll_xxx@chrisweitz Were Rob,Kristen and Taylor fun to work with on the set of new moon?! Any funny stories? ;) Meh

Eclipsed_Roby@chrisweitz Has Taylor asked you the permission to add the line in Quileute language in the Bella's kitchen? I'm so couroius about that!!!!
Oh, that was just me being pretentious! Taylor was dubious but I talked him into it.

@RachelPolner: @chrisweitz what did Jacob say to Bella in the kitchen? Ice heard so many versions” (this will also answer Xanda_Christina -
"kwop kilawtley" = "I love you". Got it straight from a quileute schoolteacher. Unless she was messing w/me and it means, "f you, whitey"

allypattinson @chrisweitz PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!!!!!! what do you think the perfect role for rob would be and why?? Ps: you're really funny :D xxx
My valet, like Jeeves. Okay, he shou D have played Annakin Skywalker. Also, Ernest in The Importance of.

nnuge @chrisweitz no thats what it means, what about what Aro said to Bella? 
Ohhhh, that. She said, "blow me, you bloodsucking creep." rather poetic I think. Proud of that one. 

TwilightCougar1 EPIC!!! RT @Late2thePartee @chrisweitz Rob's sexpender pants went missing during New Moon. We last saw them in Italy. Did you take them? ;
Why? how much would you want for them IF, say, I knew a guy who knew a guy who had them?

EezyWayne @chrisweitz Do you think Kristen will be the perfect Snow White ? :)
Wanna know how clueless I am about Hollywood? I have no idea what yo are talking about.

SkylarLSpencer I've been asking this for days. RT @tinkrbe1l3 @chrisweitz have you heard Rob's music? ... was he approached for NM soundtrack? Keep asking until I can think of a diplomatic answer

@BlueEyedLady67 I would like to know what happened to Edwards silver Volvo” let's just say I have a Volvo. And it's silver. 

javiera@chrisweitz You can tell me something about! ashley G.Kellan L. Jackson R. Jamie C. B,? Those sons of bitches owe me money

“@myonlysaga: @chrisweitz do you miss the polar bear from the golden compass?” Iorek? I see him all the time,we just had salmon sashimi. 

@cumberbitch1: @chrisweitz what do u have to tell a girl who's never seen twilight? x”Join'll feel so much better...

kjstewrtpattz@chrisweitz Did you meet or hear about Robert`s and Kristen`s new dog? Yes, I took it as a stealth question about whether they're together and deflected it!

@Luh_Cullen_rc: @chrisweitz what was the weirdest thing that Rob did on set? @chrisweitz: He wanted to "practice kissing" with me. Not appropriate

krayesmom@chrisweitz So I'll ask NM q and maybe get it answered... If Taylor hadnt beefed up enough for NM who would u have liked 2 see 4 Jacob?
Sal Buscemi, if HE could have beefed up.

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