Monday, 14 March 2011

Twittertime With Chris Weitz - Part 8

Our Twitter Main man chrisweitz was on a roll tonight. And he was extra funny.
TJGx Hey @chrisweitz - whose idea was it for Edward to be a visual thing in NM and not just the voice? Rob could have just called from london ;)
My idea. More abbage for your cabbage. I take it you are mad at me for inconveniencing young Robert?

BoubieD @chrisweitz If you found out a girl performed death defying stunts so that she could see apparitions of you, what would you say to her? I would do what Ed did, which was basically say, "chill out," though on voicemail instead of through hallucinations. Though I can do those.

RobMozDean @chrisweitz So obviously your wifey is Team Chris ;) but... Is she Team Edward or Team Jacob? Did u take her and ur son to Italy for newmoon We are both Team Bella.

IamSuperBatGirl @chrisweitz If you were the last guy on Earth and Rob and Taylor were the last women, who'd you choose to populate the planet with? Wow... This is definitely the most leading robsten question I'm history, except I am the galactic 3rd wheel. Dates would be embarrassing. Oh wait that q was 1000x weirder than I thought. Um... I've yet to master transcended gene slicing so...pass

RPattzgirl @chrisweitz did you notice after Bella saves Edward his white makeup is in her right sleeve? I love that part, BTW
I totally meant it Rona pent at way because um-- I meant that to happen

CalliopeBlabs dear @chrisweitz , i heard taylor lautner asked, nay DEMANDED, that you bring back meat patties from montepulciano for him. true or false? I forgot about those... That explains the smell

CalliopeBlabs dear @chrisweitz , i heard sometimes it would be cloudy on set and you'd ask robert to come by and suddenly the sun would shine. true/false? He wouldn't have to come to set, I could just call him on the walkie and be like, dude, fix the weather.

CalliopeBlabs dear @chrisweitz i heard you made robert pattinson wear uggs on set.... just because you could.
This is also true. He'd show up looking less than a 10 and I'd be like, "Uggggg-lee" and then He'd hang his head and get the boots.

twopeas1pod@chrisweitz - please save me from the Twitter mob, I just tweeted I might b more of a fangirl ovr u than rob. They are about 2 lynch me now. Yes! Eat it Rob! Oh wait -- they're coming for me

DanielleNDubz @chrisweitz i wonder if u see all our tweets I see them as they form in your minds... I'm a Tweet Volturi

suziekew @chrisweitz what was the craziest rider item you ever had to deal with from an actor? Transport to and from set by unicorn. Do you know how expensive that is?

@smurfy_tapz@chrisweitz waddya think of Rob doing next his movie with Cronenberg? I think it'll be great. Rob is very intellectual and weird (in a good way) so they'll have fun

IamSuperBatGirl@chrisweitz If Rob was an ice cream, how would you eat him? Fast or slow? OMG no way I'd eat him he'd go straight to my hips

lauras1003@chrisweitz do u consider rob to be smart? Or is taylor smarter? Whoever answers this question is the least smart

NASIBA0606@chrisweitz What do you think about the new movie, Rob Water for Elephants. I think nothing, not even thirsty elephants, justifies theft.

ingrydpattinson @chrisweitz My question to you, what scene are you most thrilled at the new moon, OR YOUR FAVORITE SCENE? Mmmm I like the movie Theater scene, the run through volterra, the last scene

imtwilighter:what u think about bill condom directing breaking dawn?” a) he changed his last name to Condon. B) great, he's smart and a gent

Chudygirl @chrisweitz Have you read Cosmopolis? How would you shoot Rob having the proctology exam in a limo while seducing a woman w/ a water bottle? Tastefully, that's for sure

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