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Twittertime With Chris Weitz - Part 9

t's Twilight Tuesday and Chris Weitz was up and early for Rob, Kristen and New Moon 'related' questions. And he was entertaining as ever. Fun!

rkfanz @chrisweitz The dream Bella had in New Moon that got cut was really freaky & cool. Were you upset that it didn't make it to movie? Nah. Didn;t move forward the plot. It was pretty weird, hunh? BAsed on Gregory VCrewdson photos, and we built a room set half in the dirt

Updated more Q and A added.

Love this question, too. TracySHardin@chrisweitz if you could remake Star Wars with actors today, who would play Luke, Leia, Han, etc...? Wow unlovely this question. I will first answer seriously, then poorly. Luke: my man Lautner. Leia: KS. Han: James Franco. Darth: still James Earl Jones. Young annakin: Rob. Young obi: Andrew Garfileld. Older Obi: Viggo yeah you heard me. Comedy version: Luke: Michael Cera. Leia: Beyonce. Han: Orlando bloom. Obi's: zach efron, the rock. Vaders: LeBron.

@luluhzinha__: @chrisweitz the Rob's tummy in New Moon was real or makeup? Please Chris kill my curiosity...” Real makeup

PaamSpunk @chrisweitz Edward has 108 years single. Do you think he kept some Playboy under the bed? , Not Playboy, but maybe "Vamp It Up," the nudie mag for the undead

PlumCrazyy@chrisweitz why did Edward look like he just returned from a stint in a Nursing Home w/ all that wool? Wool Coat Mafia anyone? He told me he had the sniffles

@Lilie06: In NM, the flashback scene of Edward&Bella in the meadow.. was it a real flashback from Twilight or did u reshoot it?” reshoot - Original had been shot in 3 locations on 3 separate days, I wanted 1 location and full control of images.

CamiFaith@chrisweitz Why no airplane scenes in New Moon?? Missed a lot of Edward and Bella development. No bashing NM just curious? Please Reply!? Airplane cabins = boring. IMO.

Ausgirl123@chrisweitz Can you see some parallels between the journey being taken by Rob and what Viggo went through the LOTR? Except for the years in the wild as a ranger, his sword, being king of Gondor, and his pivotal role in the downfall of Sauron, absolutely.

Kaylin_Greene@chrisweitz Would you have preferred to direct any of the other twilight films instead of NM, and if so which one or one's and why? No NM was my love. It's got depression, CGI, breaking young actor...chance at eating Italian food... What else would I want?

theMwagon @chrisweitz answer the question everyone is dying to ask - ARE ROB AND KRISTEN DATING OR NOT?! Oh puhlease misses. Really? Is it gonna be me answering? Nuh-unh

EdwardsVenom @chrisweitz If Maltapulciano (sp) had not been available for the Italy shoot...what would have been a back up location?Malibu

jonasskyline@chrisweitz Did you ever had an argument with one of 'your' actors? if yes, who,what,why ? ;D Rob said that his pinky alone was more attractive than me. That was just TOO MUCH.

legacy62RT @irishtwisisters Once more with feeling - @chrisweitz In NEW MOON is it your voice in the movie theatre ? "No, you put down your gun..Yep.

THIS... I LOVE SO MUCH.HAHAHA LuCri2 @chrisweitz Do you think of David Slade (director of Eclipse)?? please answer me!!!!! Ok I will think of him now..... There.

Caty_ec @chrisweitz hola chris!!! the quote "you dont know a thing a bout his soul" was your idea? i love it! Yeh, thanks! I wanted Bella to give it back to Aro.

unpetitpeuK@chrisweitz Do you like having inside jokes in your movies? If yes, would you tell us one? Virgin airways for Bella; golden compass on her bag(Gage)

LyricalKris@chrisweitz The posters in the movie theater scene in NM were HILARIOUS. Your idea? Who do I give that nod to Lessee... "the opposite of Love is love" and "days of sorrow" were my idea

tduryea @chrisweitz If you could write a story about where Edward went after he left Bella, where would you have him go? Ok lemme tell you some mad secret stuff that nobody knows. I came up with a whole storyline where he went and worked with the dying -- in Calcutta. Stephenie VERY gently told me no way.

jakesteveme plz answer me i pray for her every night to be ok @chrisweitz plz tell me does Kristen really have an epilepsy i heard Gosh no, she's fine.

twilightbyus @chrisweitz at any time during filming of NM did you fear for the safety of yourself, the crew or the cast? Filming outside in the rain on cold days. Poor Taylor. Plus, for myself, practising the underwater scene. I got scurred

CSI_Robsten@chrisweitz so Rob asked to change hotel in Montepulciano. what happened? Well, we were staying at a so-so hotel, then so,mebody invited us to dinner at the Relais San Bruno, and it was paradise, and we were like, We gotta pack our crap -- we're all over this place.

AdoringRobsten@chrisweitz If you could have been an actor in New Moon, instead of the director, Who would you want to play and why? ;d I think we ALL know that it should have been ME playing Gran.

ameliahemena@chrisweitz Hey Chris! Just for the record I love your work! Today is kellan lutz birthday can you say something nice about him???? I can say something nice about him. But I am too jealous.

ye436@chrisweitz if you have to leave someone of NM cast to babysit you son, who would be? Mmmm... Tay Tay/ Anna Kendricks combo.

Netra@chrisweitz During NM did Rob switch between his British Accent and his American accent in between takes or does he try to talk w/ an American accent to stay in character? As I have said before, Rob is SLOVENIAN. So he confers with his Slovenian dialect coach between takes.

A_Bitten_Diva@chrisweitz What is your best memory of filming NM? Something you will always look back on and smile. The relais San Bruno... where we would rest after shooting in Montepulciano... the grandma of teh owners giving fresh cherries to my son

rodriguesleia@chrisweitz I think you traumatized NM. Yes. I took NM and through him in solitary, then made him talk.

kaboom93@chrisweitz Have you seen Vampires Suck? If yes did you find it funny or offensive? Haven;t seen, thought it was the UK name of NM

twilightforevax @chrisweitz if they were making a film after BD, centered around jacob and renesmee, where do u think it would go, & would u wanna direct it? Renesme becomes president and Jacob joins NFL.

inezofmysoul yes me too id like to know what got into ur mind before you wore that mustard pants :) :) ) was it bc london people are stylish @chrisweitz Ok. The trousers. 1) They live. 2) They are from Cordings, a renowned haberdashers now owned by Eric Clapton. 3) LET THEM BEEEEEE!!!

rediasrossi @chrisweitz Tell me please what the Aro said Bela! Please! = D Ok this was a long time ago, but I believe he says, "Nor yours, either" after she says he doesn;t know about Ed's soul and he mindreads her.

Chudygirl @chrisweitz Since it's TwiTues--Did you keep anything from the set of NM as a memento? I had a Volturi crest but auctioned it off

Miralari628@chrisweitz If you could have a cameo in Breaking Dawn, what/where would it be? Cristoforo, the world's nerdiest Volturi, with the ability to bore people to sleep.

offline82 @chrisweitz do you still keep in touch with kristen, rob or taylor? when was the last time you spoke to them? Taylor texted a few days ago to ask me to remind him of the all-meat restaurant my wife and I too him to

Chudygirl @chrisweitz If your son were to grow up to be an actor & they were remaking the Twilight movies 20 yrs from now, what role would he play? Oh, he's shaping up to be a right old nerd. I'll say he'd play the Justin Chon role.

kristenmydiva Dear @chrisweitz, I'd really like to know if Kristen can loosen up when she's around the cast, on and off set. Thanks! I'm on it. Sending emergency massage team stat.

“@jeeccy: Did u feel some pressure because you was the first director to give life to the wolves in NM?” no, after TGC it was easy

chrisweitz Hi Chris. That scene where Carlisle is burning up the blood in the bowl in NM. Is that a reference to the tulips in the book cover? If so, that's genius!
Oh. No. That would be cool. Wait, yes, yes, that's what I meant. (actually a soul burning in hell)

offline82 @chrisweitz what one word would you use to describe kristen, rob and taylor?
In a word...humans. I'm out! 

misskrista18 @chrisweitz was there ever the intention of putting the new moon book cover into the film or did u not want to follow a pattern? No, Steph didn't like the nm cover!

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