Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Whats Behind The Last 'Famous' Magazine Cover With Robsten?

Rarely has a bait-and-switch tabloid cover been as ridiculous and irresponsible as Famous magazine’s current “report” about Robert Pattinson.

Under the picture of a downcast Kristen Stewart, Famous blares, “Rob & The 17-Year-Old Aussie Girl: How Kristen Found Out.” Below that it continues, “The Emails Revealed: What He Tried to Keep Secret.”

The insinuation is obvious.

Famous wants people to think that 24-year-old Pattinson cheated on Stewart with a teenage girl.

Except once anyone opens the magazine, the actual story is TOTALLY different.

It turns out the 17-year-old girl Famous advertises on its cover is not an alleged paramour interfering with Pattinson and Stewart – she’s an alleged computer hacker interfering with his e-mail.

Pattinson is supposedly worried about the young Australian fan getting access to personal messages and distributing them for all the world to see.

“Rob is devastated that someone has managed to crack into something so private,” explains a so-called “source.”

So why does the magazine make a big deal out of Stewart discovering this e-mail breach?

Famous describes her as “equally nervous” because, according to one tab source, “She doesn’t want people to know the ins and outs of their relationship” and is “also worried there are things on there she doesn’t know about.”

As if to prove how little they know about Stewart and Pattinson, the people at Famous call her his “fiancée.”

In any case, the entire article is kinda gross.

To sell a story all about how Pattinson is uncomfortable with intrusion, Famous uses a cover that gives everyone the impression he’s having an affair with a teenage girl.

And to describe the anxiety anyone would have about strangers digging through his or her e-mails, Famous claims there are certain messages Pattinson wants to keep “secret.”

Using insecurity to imply infidelity is a shady move, even for the tab.

Source: GossipCop

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