Sunday, 6 March 2011

Who’s the Sexier Species: Vampires or Werewolves. Its time to Vote!

The team over at HollywoodLife is asking the age old question, who is sexier, Vampires or Werewolves.
It’s no secret that vampires and werewolves don’t get along. They’ve been feuding for centuries… but does anyone really know why? Considering both species are notorious for being drool-worthy, we can’t help but wonder if the whole thing isn’t just one big beauty contest! So let’s decide, once and for all, which side is sexier: Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder  and the rest of the vampires? Or Taylor Lautner ,Michael Trevino and the werewolves?
Head over here to VOTE
via team-twilight

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