Saturday, 1 January 2011

10 Most Borrowed Books Of 2010

A few days before Christmas, Tyee staff got together and compiled a list of books to help you find the perfect gift for even the toughest person to buy for. We recommended the right read for the Halo 3-addicted younger cousin, the tennis partner with the receding hairline, the secretly sentimental history buff, anyone thinking of running for BC Liberal leadership, the cat-crazy old aunt, and many more.

2. Breaking Dawn Stephenie Meyer
The final chapter in the Twilight series, this novel is a tourniquet: it wraps up the loose ends for all the gushing fans of the Meyer's phenomenally popular young adult series, but leaves things slack enough to allow for future additions. Babies and "newborn" vampires, a honeymoon off the coast of Brazil, and the continuing feud between bodybuilding werewolves and tall, dark and handsome bloodsuckers. Fans should be sated, at least until the newborn introduced in Breaking Dawn is old enough to have a teenage saga of her own.

9. Eclipse Stephenie Meyer
The third of four books in the Twilight series, Eclipse brings readers back into the world of Bella Swan, a teenage girl in love with a vampire. Popular primarily with teenage girls who hope the same will happen to them, Eclipse and the other three Twilight books have sold over 100 million copies around the world. This summer, on June 30, 2010,Eclipse was released in film. The opening night ticket sales set a new record for biggest midnight opening in American and Canadian box office history. June 30 also holds the North American record for most broken curfews in one night, but a connection between the events has yet to be established.


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