Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kristen Featured In French Magazine

Translation by : @CrazyStewFrance

Kristen Stewart : From Bella to Mallory

Appart from the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart plays strong characters in The Runaways and in Welcome to The Riley. Both are opposite of the sweet Bella, her character Mallory is a young prostitute, played with co-star James Gandolfini(Sopranos).

When you were 12 you were in Panic room. Today with the Twilight phenomenon you keep playing different characters and it seems like you want to break the idea that people have of you...

I'm not really looking for this, it's just that I'm not Bella Swan! In 2004 I played a broken teenager who was raped, and I also had a role in Into The Wild, you see I've always played different roles, the fact that Twilight is a saga and that there are five movies give the impression that it's the only thing I do, but it's definitely not true ! Don't get me wrong I love playing Bella, it's just that I'm able to play many other characters & styles! (smile) You just need to watch Welcome To The Rileys to understand this. I'm playing a young prostitute who meets James Gandolfini's character Doug, a man who is upset by the lost of his daughter, and he offers her money just for being allowed to live with her, because she reminds him of his child.

How was the work with James Gandolfini?

It was awesome to work with an actor like him. This movie is very touching, James obvouisly took care of me very well while we were filming, he made things easier. It wasn't difficult to get throught our charcaters, it was very fluent! I've been s blessed to meet new people and live all these intense cinematographic adventures. I think that I've never been so happy! I'm aware that what's happening is particularly unique, maybe things won't be like that forever so I just live the moment!

What was the harder for you on the set?

I think that the hardest thing was the dance, I took some lessons during two weeks of pole dance for the movie, but it wasn't the most complicated, being infront of James in a scene of seduction that was weird emotionally because we've got a father/daughter relation on the set, luckily James knew how to make me feel at ease, he acted like a father actually, like his character. And director Jake Scott was great too, it was a pleasure to work with him.

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