Sunday, 6 March 2011

Details On 'Water For Elephants' US Premiere

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Mann Theaters website posted in their "Upcoming Premieres" section about a Los Angeles Water For Elephants taking place at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on April 14, 2011. Here's what The Official Water for Elephants Facebook Page had to say:


The April 14th premiere in LA is what we are trying to execute. Robert is still filming for Summit at that time so we have not locked it in.


We will have one U.S. Premiere. We have two theaters reserved but until we have everyone's schedules confirmed won't make a decision.

WFE Director Hibbits/Francis Lawrence tweeted about a NYC Premiere on April 17th, but it seems that nothing has been confirmed.


"We were hoping to have NY premiere on the 17th, that was the tentative plan. Due to Summit's filming, Rob may not be able to be there so we have another event planned in LA since he may be able to make that. We are in limbo until we hear which he can make."
We still have both dates reserved. We won't know which we are able to do until Rob wraps up with Twilight.
They are going to do what they can to have it in NY! We'll know more on Monday.
There are currently NO confirmed premiere dates, and when the dates are confirmed, we will announce them here (on the official FB page) and on our Official Twitter account (@WaterElephants)

Looks like we'll have to wait for confirmation about the when and where, since they have to work with the actors schedules. We'll keep you updated. 

Screencap from MannTheaters site


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