Sunday, 6 March 2011

More Of Chris Weitz Q& A On Twitter

@effie10 @chrisweitz 1Why weren't Edward's eyes black in Volterra?2Why didn't he break anything after the vote?3Why was the after-party drive deleted
1) I goofed, 2) ditto, 3) Only so much time in the movie!!!

@JodieO @chrisweitz Only so much time? You had plenty of time for Jacob, though, didn'tcha?!
Well, Jacob is imperfect, like me. Except I am not super hot.

@maricheq @Chrisweitz team edward or team jacob?
Please... I don't want to get in trouble

@TwiFans @chrisweitz do you feel slightly bad for selling out on the "silver" volvo? Would you change that if you could?
Not when I drive my bitchin' BLACK VOLVO! Just kidding, I drive a Honda accord.

@renesemma @chrisweitz are they really an item? robsten?
An item like a glass or a lamp? Certainly not. ;)

@Twihardfj65 "@renesemma: @chrisweitz are they really an item? robsten?
Lemme be very straight here, without trying to sound mean. Kristen is my friend. Rob is my friend. Their personal lives are their own.

@Twihardfj65 @chrisweitz "you are so right,i apologise and shouldn't have asked,:( sorry:
chrisweitz Ees okay!

@Naomi_Kane @chrisweitz what was it like working with Robert Pattinson ....any funny set stories? : ) x
He calls a somersault a "roly poly".

@Kstewcrush@chrisweitz Hey so youv worked with my 2 fav actresses, bein angie and kristen, do you think they are similar in ways?
To be honest, hard to say. I barely met Ms. Jolie.

@offline82@chrisweitz what's kristen's non serious side like? does she have fun too?
Of course! But she does not invite me

@_kstewfans@chrisweitz How was working with Kristen? Please, answer :D
Kristen is very committed, serious, incredibly hard on herself, natural and has teh world's best BS detector.

@EdwardsLove82 @chrisweitz What is your favorite thing about Rob Pattinson??
His sense of humor, and the fact that he remembers my name

@tduryea@chrisweitz wnted to say its awesome that you respond. What was the most stressful day or scene to shoot on NM?

via robstenation
Bella's breakdown in the forest after she's broken up with. Cold night, sad scene.

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