Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gossip Time: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Engagement Rumors True?

There have been scattered reports about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being secretly engaged and planning on announcing it over the summer. Most of these reports have been disregarded because of the reputation of their sources. But, in light of recent statements by Robert Pattinson and reports about how Kristen Stewart felt about Rob from the beginning, could the engagement and marriage rumors actually have some credibility?

The engagement rumors picked up steam again this year when it was reported that Pattinson proposed to Stewart over the New Year holiday. The report also claimed that the couple planned on making it public sometime over the summer. Not much credibility was given to the report at the time and rightfully so. The idea that they could have gotten engaged isn't as ridiculous as the idea that they would actually make it public. Rob and Kristen don't make anything public.

The marriage rumors started up again shortly after the engagement report. It was claimed that Rob and Kristen would get married next year and that Rob has already made some of the arrangements. This rumor was again ignored and rightfully so considering a few days after this report it was claimed that Pattinson and Stewart were on the verge of breaking up and seeking counseling.

But, in the last few days a couple of reports have come to light that make the engagement and marriage rumors a little more believable.

First, Robert Pattinson was quoted in Bravo magazine as saying that Kristen was waiting to have kids. The question that arose out of that was why were Rob and Kristen talking about kids? Were they discussing their future or were they just having a general discussion about life? If they were discussing their future then the engagement rumors seem more credible.

Second, It was reported recently that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had an instant attraction and that they were victims of love at first sight. It was supposedly Kristen who fought to get Rob the role of Edward Cullen and Rob was warned off Kristen because she was only 17 and his feelings for her were so strong. If those reports are true, and there is no reason to not think they are at this point, then it is not far fetched to believe that they could be engaged. If they are in love and have been since the first time they met each other, then why can't they be engaged?

Robsten fans say that they believe that Rob and Kristen are in love, but they also say that they don't believe the reports that they are engaged. I understand why they would have their doubts, but considering the baby talk and the legitimate claims of instant attraction and love at first sight from the director of Twilight, one has to give serious consideration to the fact that the rumors about secret engagements and marriage could be true.

Source: Metrowny via allkristenstewart

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