Thursday, 24 March 2011

Kristen Has The Perfect Man

Metrowny: It appears that Kristen Stewart couldn't have lucked out any more if she won the lottery. If Robert Pattinson didn't seem like a catch before, he sure does now after revealing that he is "really boring."

'I don't know. I'm incredibly boring." said Pattinson to OK Magazine. "I'll play this game on my iPhone called 'Fall Down'....It involves absolutely no effort from your brain whatsoever, but I can literally sit there and play it for 16 hours."

You may be asking yourself, How does being boring make you the perfect man and why should Kristen Stewart feel so lucky?

Well, the fact that Rob Pattinson admits that he is boring isn't the only thing that makes him a perfect man, it is just the final piece.

Let me explain.

First of all Pattinson is hot, sexy, smart, funny, talented, caring, suave, charming, sensitive, rich and famous. Those qualities alone are enough to qualify him as the perfect man. But the fact that he is boring is the icing on the cake.

A boring man will not go out and party and leave you on the couch all alone. A boring man will not cheat on you and leave you brokenhearted. A boring man will not gamble away all your money and come home drunk at four in the morning. A boring man will not kill himself bungee jumping off bridge or sky diving out of an airplane.

A boring man like Robert Pattinson, will sit at home with you and cuddle watching a movie. A boring man will be home to help you cook dinner and watch the kids. A boring man will go shopping with you and help you clean the bathroom. A boring man will always be there for you when you need him.

Ladies, you may not think that a boring man is what you want but as you get older you will realize that a boring man is exactly what you need.

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