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'On The Road' Script Revealed & Kristen's Hot Scenes We have the On the Road script and Kristen says goodbye to Bella’s good girl attitude and gets down and dirty with one of Rob Pattinson’s close friends.

We just finished reading the script for Kristen Stewart’s new project, On the Road and we can hardly wait to see all of the scandalous moments when the movie hits theaters in December. We couldn’t help but wonder if the script would directly follow the edgy plotlines in Jack Kerouac’s popular novel but it definitely does! Kristen, 20, doesn’t shy away from being constantly naked. In fact, she is nude in her very first scene and it only gets more racy from there. Did someone say threesome?

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Kristen plays Marylou, a married (and later divorced) teenager (16 at the beginning of the story, 18 towards the end) who is still in the midst of finding herself while on a road trip across America. Throughout the film, Marylou is vying for the attention of multiple men. She begins flirting with Sal, played by Robert Pattinson’s friend Sam Riley on page 8 of the script, in order to get her husband Dean’s (Garrett Hedlund) attention. She also experiments with drugs and alcohol various times throughout the movie. Even after divorcing Dean, Marylou can’t stop herself from sleeping with Dean and has a threesome with him and his friend, Sal. Meanwhile, Sal’s friend Carlo Max (Tom Sturridge) is also smitten with Dean and shares a kiss with him on page 27. At the end of her storyline, she is hurt when Dean returns to his second wife, Camille (Kirsten Dunst) in San Francisco and seeks comfort in the arms of Sal.

Scandalous moments:

Dean and Marylou encourage Sal to have a threesome with them in bed but Sal makes Dean leave so he can just be with Marylou – they don’t have sex this time. By the end of the night, Sal ends up listening to Marylou and Dean having sex nearby.
Marylou, Sal, and Dean get naked in a car together on a hot day and have a threesome. A truck driver sees what they are doing and nearly swerves off the road.
Marylou puts pot in her underwear to stop police from seeing it and lies to police officers about her relationship with her ex-husband, Dean
On another car ride, Dean “rubs Marylou’s crotch” in the car and she kisses the “bulge in his pants” in return.
Marylou has a stiff drink and swallows lots of drugs. In the aftermath, she vomits off the porch.
Dean announces Marylou is pregnant towards the end of the movie
After Camille kicks Dean out he has sex with a traveling salesman

“On the Road” will be a departure for Kristen, but the script is exciting and we are can’t wait to see what she brings to the role. This part will help Kirsten prove her acting chops outside of Twilight. Will you see Kristen in this film?

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