Friday, 18 March 2011

Three Major Reasons Why K-Stew & Rob Have Lasted, But Joe & Ashley Split!

Hollywoodlife: Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas have surprisingly split. What is it that didn’t work for them but keeps Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart going strong?

Here at we’ve been analyzing the differences between over sharers and couples who keep their relationships private — and we think there are a few secrets that make quieter couples, like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, successful.

Number one: K-Stew and Rob spend as much time together as they can and have long periods of time when they actually work together. The closeness they have developed during those months working on Twilight films has really cemented their relationship. Because Joe and Ashley haven’t worked together, their separation might have been longer and made it even harder for them to keep their relationship solid.

Secondly, Kristen and Rob became stars together, so they are on the same level of stardom. One isn’t bigger than the other, so nobody has a huge imbalance of power in the relationship. They both are equally powerful, whereas Joe Jonas was a much bigger star than Ashley Greene when they met. He was used to being a star and even though he has had girlfriends like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato of equal star power, in his relationship with Ashley, it must have initially revolved around him and his needs. However, now her star is on the rise, which may have shifted the balance of the power in their relationship and could have made their dynamic suffer.

Third: Rob and K-Stew seem to have a really low-key, private relationship. They keep their love behind closed doors. Think about it: they never even hold hands in public! Again, maybe that makes their love feel even more special to them. Jashley indulged in major PDA whenever they were out together.

As much as we want to hear all the details – both sordid and good – about our favorite couples, we also appreciate celebs who try to keep their personal lives private. After all, it’s not always fun to know EVERYTHING that goes on behind closed doors.

Do you think the success of a relationship is determined by how open a couple is about their love to the rest of the world?

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